New Young Leadership

Randolph needs new younger leadership that reflects the changing times. If we don’t want to stagnate as a community, we can’t have stagnating leadership

A Progressing Community

We need to change with the times before we get left behind. Let’s engage younger people to get into local issues and engage with their community. A better future is possible and it all starts with a bottom-up approach instead of a top-down one.

Why Choose Me

I am only 20 years old yet have accomplished so much politically for my age. I have held political jobs, worked with numerous campaigns, studied governance on every level, and I hold positions of leadership in a political organization that requires me to manage volunteers and cultivate a community. I am young while also having political experience and knowledge. I have gotten to where I am because I’m ambitious while remaining realistic. That is what I will bring to the Town Council if you vote for me on November 7th.

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The Issues

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